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Papers contributed to the Journal


Vol.2 (1993)

No.1 (1993) A Fast Gas Chromatographic Method for the Separation of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide and Argon and Its Application to In-package Modified Atmosphere
No.2 (1993) Apparatus and Permeability of CO2 Dissolved in Water through LDPE and Nylon 6 Films

Vol.3 (1994)

No.2 (1994) Apparent Diffusion Coefficient of Oxygen through Dehydrated Protein or Saccharide Films

Vol.4 (1995)

No.3 (1995) Environment and Packaging

Vol.5 (1996)

No.2 (1996) The Packaging Industry in ASEAN
No.2 (1996) A Logistics Model for Post--Consumer Waste Recycling
No.3 (1996) Effect of Temperature/Relative Humidity Changes on Compression Strength of Corrugated Containers for Food Products:
How should it be modeled and evaluated?
No.4 (1996) The Environmental Debate : Recurring Themes and EmergingTrends-An lnternational Perspective
No.4 (1996) A Theoretical Model of Redemption System When Consumer Inconvenience can be Described as a Linear Function of Distance.

Vol.6 (1997)

No.1 (1997) Stable Hurdle Technology Foods and Packaging
No.4 (1997) If Recycling Is the Answer, What is the Question?
No.5 (1997) Size Estimation of Plastic Deformation Zone at the Crack Tip of Paper under Fracture Toughness Testing
No.6 (1997) Preparation and Properties of Retted Kenaf Bast Fiber Pulp and Evaluation as Substitute for Manila Hemp Pulp

Vol.7 (1998)

No.2 Change in Quality of Brown Rice Packaged
in Polymeric Films (1)
- Prediction of Change of Germination Rate -
No.6 (1998 ) New Developments and Trends in Food Processing and Packaging in Europe

Vol.8 (1999)

No.1 (1999) Safety of Child-resistant Package(2)
No.6 (1999) Endocrine Disruptor Screening and Testing :
The U.S .Approach

Vol.10 (2001)

No.5 (2001) Sustainable chemistry - from theory to practice

Vol.12 (2003)

No.5 (2003) Property Improvement of Fish Water Soluble Protein Films by Dialdehyde Starch (DAS) and / or Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) Treatments
No.6 (2003) Global Package Recycling Mandates Cost or Opportunity?
No.6 (2003) Application of a contact dehydrating sheet to the preparation of an immobilized-enzyme membrane for biosensor

Vol.13 (2004)

No.4 (2004) This is IPP!
An Example of Successful Environmental Measures within the Packaging Chain in Sweden.
No.6 (2004) Measuring environmental data in the Oruro- Yachiba route in BOLIVIA to deveiop testing methods for packaging for future implimentation in the laboratory.

Vol.14 (2005)

No.5 (2005) Packaging Material Implications in RFID Operations