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Contribution rules

Guidelines for Submission of English Papers to the Journal of Packaging Science and Technology, Japan [April 1, 1992, as amended at September 12, 1997, June 26, 1998]

1.0 Qualifications for Contribution of Papers

One of the authors must be a regular or student member of the Society of Packaging Science and Technology, Japan. However, coauthors do not need to be the members of the Society. Also, authors do not need to be the members of the Society for Reviews excepting Originals, Technical Reports, Research Notes, Reviews, Perspectives, Commentaries and Miscellaneous Reports.

2.0 Contents of Papers

Submitted papers may cover subjects such as packaging material,material processing, materials related technology, packaging for various types of products (food, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances, toiletries, precision equipment, etc.), packaging techniques, packaging equipment, test methods, safety, distribution, information, packaging design, solid waste management, and other topics related to packaging.

3.0 Types of Papers

Contributed paper will be classified into Originals. Technical Reports, Research Notes, Reviews, Perspectives, Commentaries and Miscellaneous Reports. These papers should be prepared in English in accordance with these standards and the Society's guidelines for contributors. Length limits are listed in the following table.

Types of Papers Originals and Technical Reports Research Notes Reviews, Perspectives, and Commentaries:
Printed Pages Up to 12 pages Up to 6 pages Up to 12 pages
Abstract 200 words 150 words 200 words
Key Words Up to 10 Up to 8 Up to 10

3.1 Originals

3.1.1 Originals are independent original reports and are limited to papers that have not been published. However, this not apply to papers where a portion has been published in another technical journal as a rapid report.

3.1.2 General reports should be submitted with the Society's submission cover sheet, abstract (with Japanese translation if possible), figures, tables etc. The abstract should be 200 words or less and have 10 or less keywords attached.

3.2 Technical Reports

3.2.1 Technical reports should cover packaging related industrial technology data, new approaches, improvements, etc. and should contain conclusions with new value or facts.

3.2.2 Submissions should follow the guidelines for Originals.

3.3 Research Notes

3.3.1 Research Notes may include reports on incomplete research that provide new information, value or data or supplement previous reports, or provide comments etc.

3.3.2 Research Notes should be submitted with the cover sheet and include an abstract, figures, tables etc. Abstracts should 150 words or less and eight or less key words should be provided.

3.4 Reviews

3.4.1 Reviews should explain or provide a perspective on packaging science, engineering, or technology.

3.4.2 Reviews should be submitted with the cover sheet and may include figures, tables etc. An abstract should be included and ten or less key words should be provided.

3.5 Perspectives

3.5.1 Perspectives are primarily educational content, cover the historical development of an area, the current status, future prospects etc. from a broad point of view.

3.5.2 Submissions should follow the guidelines for Originals.

3.6 Commentaries

3.6.1 Commentaries are primarily educational in content and cover research results, new technologies, terminology, standards, etc. with easy to comprehend explanation.

3.6.2 Submissions should follow the guidelines for Originals.

3.7 Others

Other topics, etc. judged to appropriate by the Society.

4.0 Preparation of Manuscripts

4.1 Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with these uidelines and the Society's style guide.

4.2 Manuscripts should be submitted with the Society's submission cover sheet.

4.3 The title, author (s) name (s), affiliations etc. should be entered in the submission cover sheet.

4.4 For submissions in English, in addition to an English abstract,a Japanese abstract should be provided if possible with explanations of figures and tables.

4.5 The abstract of a paper should be written on the first page of manuscript paper, the body of the paper sholud be written by the points system from the next page. The references for the paper should be entered on the last page.

4.6 Abstracts should be written in order of objectives, methods, and results, and include the substantive results of the research and points that the author (s) want to emphasize.

4.7 The body of the manuscript should be submitted word processor printer out put or type written.

4.8 Key words should be entered in the appropriate area on the submission cover sheet.

5.0 Review of Submitted Manuscripts

5.1 The date of arrival of a paper manuscript at the Society's offices will be the date of receipt of the manuscript.

5.2 Papers will be reviewed by the Review Committee (referred to as the Committee below).

5.3 The day that acceptance or rejection of a paper will be the end date of the review and the Committee will inform the author (s) of the result.

5.4 There may be cases when the Committee may request revisions to the contents of a paper. If revisions are requested, the author (s) should submit a revised paper within two months. If a revised paper is not received within the time limit, it will be judged that the authors do not intend to submit a revised paper.

5.5 The author (s) may not make major modifications to a paper without approval of the Committee.

5.6 If the author (s) make significant modifications to a paper, the Committee may decide that a different report type would be appropriate. In this case, the paper will be treated as a newly submitted manuscript.

5.7 The Society's secretariat may edit the manuscript in accordance with these guidelines and the Society's style guide.

6.0 Author Proof Reading

6.1 The author will have an opportunity to proof read. At this point, any corrections to wording other than type setting errors or addition of words not in the manuscript will in principle not be allowed.

6.2 The author (s) should return the galley proofs within three days of receipt.

7.0 Page Charges and Reprints

7.1 There is no charge for publication of papers.

7.2 If reprints are desired in excess of 100 copies, reprints will be charges for accordance with the charge schedule.

7.3 Orders for reprints should be entered including number of copies on the reprint order form enclosed with the galley proofs and returned with galley proofs to the Society's offices.

8.0 Corrections after Publications

8.1 Errors related to printing will be printed at the request of the author.

8.2 Corrections other than printing related errors will in principle not be accepted. However, if the Editorial Committee accepts that a correction is appropriate after discussion with the author (s), the corrections will be printed.

9.0 Submission of Manuscripts

9.1 Two copies of the manuscript and the manuscript cover sheet should be submitted.

9.2 If a word processor is used to prepare the manuscript, after a paper is accepted, the final manuscript should be submitted on floppy disks. The type of word processor or word processing software should be clearly indicated.

9.3 Manuscripts should be mailed by certified mail with the envelope clearly marked in red ink "Manuscript" to the address below :

Secretariat of The Society of Packaging Science & Technology, Japan
Ballade Heim No.703,
20-3 Hyakunincho-1chome, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 169-0073 Japan
TEL +81-3-5337-8717, FAX +81-3-5337-8718
Email : office@spstj.jp

9.4 Manuscripts for published reports will not be returned.

10.0 Responsibility for Contents

Authors are responsible for the contents of published papers.

11.0 Copyrights

Copyrights are held joints by the authors and the Society.